Unicap VideoJack plug-in

VideoJack is a patched Jack audio server supporting video. ucvjack is a VideoJack client that can generate a video out connection for all devices supported by unicap.

The client was tested with the jack_video_output client and with LiVES. libunicap and libunicapgtk need to be installed for this client to work.

ucvjack_gui is a GTK based client used to set up the device and store the device configuration. ucvjack_client is a command line client that loads the stored device configuration.


ucvjack screenshot


HowTo use VideoJack with LiVES


Source Code

     Download icon ucvjackplugin-0.1.1.tar.gz   [159 kB, tar.gz Archive]
      unicap client for VideoJack
     Download icon ucvjackplugin-0.2.0.tar.gz   [163 kB, tar.gz Archive]
      Latest release, requires unicap-0.1.17