Download icon unicapgtk_simple.c   [1 kB, C Source]
      Displays live video in a unicapgtk_video_display widget
     Download icon unicapgtk_cb.c   [2 kB, C Source]
      Uses callbacks to do simple image processing before displaying the image
     Download icon raw_image.c   [5 kB, C Source]
      Saves a single image to a .pnm file
     Download icon sdl_display.c   [6 kB, C Source]
      Uses SDL to display a live video image
     Download icon sdl_display_multibuffer.c   [6 kB, C Source]
      Uses SDL to display a live video image. Uses multi buffering to improve achieved frame rate
     Download icon xv_display.c   [8 kB, C Source]
      Uses the XV extension to display hardware accelerated YUV video
     Download icon device_info.c   [3 kB, C Source]
      Enumerates all properties and video formats for each video capture device
     Download icon dfg1394_sdl_display.c   [6 kB, C Source]
       Allows the user to select the video norm and video input of a DFG/1394 frame grabber